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Comments for Hydromagnetic Water & Scale Prevention Systems

1. Good Bye Salt by Gary in Newhall (Posted 10/03/2008)
Highly Recommend. I had a salt softener for years and thought is was great until Santa Clarita Water installed my new hydromatic unit. this is the best investment I have made in years, plus it got rid of the salt. Thank you Santa Clarita Water. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

2. Great product and painless professional installation by Monica in Valencia
(Posted 03/19/2008)
Highly Recommend. Very happy with our new system. Our water softener made the water feel slippery at times and we did not like the way it left residue in our hair and on our skin. The new system has resolved these issues and the water just smells better. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

3. Highly Recommend by Martha from Saugus
Highly Recommend. My water now has great taste and no more harmful residues. The people from Santa Clarita Water Conditioning are professional and I'm very pleased with my new water system.(Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

4. Unbelievable Difference! by Amanda from Castaic
Highly Recommend. We love this product and the company. Nice guys who actually know what they are talking about. Our shower glass doors are much easier to keep clean, laundry is much softer and the water tastes great. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

5. Santa Clarita Water Conditioning excellent by Gary
Highly Recommend. Had for two months. Water has no odor or taste. Whole house water purification without pollution. More toxins are actually absorbed through the skin and lungs, compared to drinking water. This system is basically maintenance free. No filters or bottles to change. No salt, no tanks that need to be regenerated. A computer automatically back flushes the system when needed. Unlike the conventional water softeners, this never runs out of purification, produces no salt and no pollution. The Santa Clarita Water Conditioning Company is the only company that I am aware that has the complete 5 stage system for whole house water treatment. It is automatic and self-regenerating. They provide an additional 5 stage system at the faucet that is most used for drinking water. This is 8 more stages than most conventional bottled water companies use. This can also be run through to your pool, to reduce toxic exposure while your family is swimming. This Santa Clarita Water system belongs in most houses, businesses and restaurants in America. Think about it, you can drink, bath in, swim in and cook with water that is more pure than your traditional bottled water. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

6. Great product for a great price by Eric from Hasley Hills Castaic, California
Highly Recommend. We have had the system for a few months now and are very happy with it. We got a whole house water conditioner which goes in garage and a reverse osmosis system which goes under sink and is connected to our ice maker. We noticed our ice was very clear and our water tasted like never before. The sales person was very honest and the price was great. We checked out two other companies and decided to go with Santa Clarita Water Conditioning. The sales person was honest and very informative about water issues and the salt softener ban in Santa Clarita Valley. We would recommend them to our friends and family. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

7. Love this product by Tim and Anjie from Saugus, California
Highly Recommend. We had a LifeSource water system and were not satisfied with the quality of the water. Now we have a Santa Clarita Water Conditioning system and are very pleased. The water taste great and no more spots on my dishes and the guys were awesome. We would highly recommend this company. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

8. Better Than My Salt Softener by Jerilyn from Valencia, California
Highly Recommend. I was skeptical because I had a salt unit but now I am convinced. No more having to buy or carry bottled water upstairs. Water feels plenty soft and taste great. Sales and installation was a breeze and the price was great. I would recommend Santa Clarita Water Conditioning to anyone. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

9. No More Smelly Showers by Bill and Sharon from Canyon Country, California
Highly Recommend. Before we had the whole house water system the water had a odor to it now it doesn't. It helps with our dishes in the dishwasher and we are very happy with it. The water from the reverse osmosis system is really good just like bottled water. The sales people were honest and very friendly and informative on our water quality needs. The installation was professional and very neat .We would recommend Santa Clarita Water Conditioning to all. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

10. Great Tasting Water by Earl from Vermont Newhall, California
Highly Recommend. The installation was very different at my home and the guys were awesome. Perfect job I was very impressed. The water taste great from the reverse osmosis system and the ice cubes look great. Santa Clarita water conditioning is a great company. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

11. My Wife Loves This System by Henry from Valencia, California
Highly Recommend. The sales staff was great and the install was fantastic. The price was good too. We are very happy with our system. Thank you Santa Clarita Water Conditioning. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

12. I like This Product by Peggy from Valencia, California
Highly Recommend. I like this product because it does everything it says it does. Removes the chlorine smell and helps with spotting on my dishes and my fixtures. The reverse osmosis water taste great and the install was neat under the sink. Sales staff and follow up was good. Great local company. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

13. Great Product by Bob from Valencia
Highly Recommend. The sales person was friendly and very knowledgeable. They are a local company and the price was considerably less than their competitors for a comparable product. The system works great and there is no maintenance. (Product: Santa Clarita Water Conditioning)

Scale Prevention Systems

1. Great Product, Great Price by Jason in Newhall (Comments date: February 16,
Highly Recommend. I had a salt water softener, was forced to remove it. Checked out this great local company and was very pleased with this new technology, service was great also and they did my softener rebate for me too, would recommend these guys to all my neighbors, friends and family. (Product: Scale Prevention System)

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