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Environmental Solutions

Why Santa Clatrita Water Conditioning is Environmentally Friendly

We, like everyone else is concerned for our local and global ecology. The health of the planet has never been more in question and now is the time to do whatever we can to protect it. Water, which makes up over 70 percent of the earth surface, also makes up over 70 percent of your body.

Bottled water is harming the Earth

Bottled water seemed like a great idea but this is only in hindsight. After 30 years of constant production and disposal, billions and billions of bottles are filling our landfills and polluting nature, waterways, and the ocean. The time has come to change our pattern of behavior and to think in a smarter more environment friendly manner as well as save money in the process. Use re-fillable bottles from your EcoPro purified tap water. Most bottled water companies use purified tap water anyways.

Making and transporting bottled water uses millions upon millions of barrels of oil. From production of the plastic bottle, to transport is the equivalent of 8 ounces of oil per bottle.

What you can do for a water healthy earth.

Water conservation is key, as well as reducing the bottle waste from expensive designer brand bottled water.

Eliminates Need for Bottled Water

1. Provides Clean, Safe & Delicious Water at Every Tap 1
2. 40% of Bottled Water is Merely Reverse Osmosis Filtered Tap Water
3. 22 Billion Plastic Bottles Were Dumped in Landfills in 2007 - They Are Not Biodegradable
4. Bottled Water Production & Transportation Consumes Tremendous Amounts of Energy & Water

Conserves Water

1. Systems Do Not Waste Water, Backwash is Reused for Irrigation
2. Water Softeners Waste Hundreds of Gallons of Water Monthly
3. Reverse Osmosis Systems Waste 2 to 8 Gallons of Water for Every Gallon of Filtered Water

Uses No Salt (Sodium or Potassium)

1. Adds Nothing to Water, Does Not Pollute Fresh Water Resources
2. Water Softeners Dump Hundreds of Pounds of Sodium and Salt Brine Into Waste Water Stream, Making Water Reclamation Impossible

Uses a Natural Filter Media

1. Uses a Proprietary & Renewable Blend of Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon, Quartz Bedding
2. Our Filter Media is Reclaimed From Coconut Food Production

Our Products Include:
Residential and commercial units. Environmentally safe!


  Residential Products  
  Find out the benefits of water conditioning  
  Water conditioning provides great tasting, fresh water from every faucet. It also removes chlorine, bad taste and odor from the water. Reduces lime scale and corrosion damage to pipes and more...  
  Soft Water Tank Exchange  
  Monthly Soft Water Tank Exchange Service  
  Environmentally friendly for the Santa Clarita Valley. Our tanks are 3x bigger in volume, giving you more for less. Give us a call to schedule soft water tank exchange.  
  Commercial Products  
  Improve your business with clean water  
  Our commercial units are more rubust and larger in order to handle the flow volumes found in commercial applications, such as hotels, restaurants, and more...  
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