EcoSoft Water Softener System 1500, 3000, 6000
(basic size estimate for house size) 1/2" or 1" line - expandable to 11/4"
Comes in compact cabinet all-in-one water softener and in
2 pieces - water softener tank and brine tank for flushing (included)

- Treats hard water. Reduces calcium and magnesium, scale deposits
- Extends life of water heater, pipes, shower stalls, toilets, coffee maker...promotes healthier skin and hair
- American made / Quality Clack digital valve-5 yr. guar. and tank-10 yr. guar.
- Low maintenance
- Reduces detergent and soap consumption by
- Less callbacks, less liability
- Compare Price point
Can be serviced in less than 15 mins w/o water being turned off
Suggested companion - Reverse Osmosis System
50 gpd 3/8 line, comes with gap faucet and 3.2 gallon tank
- Sparkling - clear drinking water (up to 50 gallons per day)
- Low cost maintenance - 4 stage system requires annual changing of 3 of the filters($18.41) and every other year on the membrane($25.41)
- Single faucet or add T connection to refrigerator
- Reliable compression fittings
Removes fluoride and all pharmaceuticals

*** Salt and Potassium Free / Non Flushing Alternatives ***

ProScale, EcoPro, ProCarbon 1500, 3000, 6000
- Treats hard water...reduces scale, calcium deposits
- No electricity needed
on our EcoPro
- 100% Maintenance Free
for 5 years
- No Salt / Brine Water Waste
- No Drain Lines Needed
on our EcoPro

Whole House Filtration Only -
ProCarbon and EcoSaver
Whole House Descaler -
ProScale and EcoScaler


How much water does a water softener use to flush on theaverage with the proper sized system installed?
50-60 gallons depending on size
Cabinet: 50 gallons
1.5cf water softener: 60 gallons

How much water does a reverse Osmosis use to process on the average?
For every gallon it makes 2 gallons go down the drain

Does Reverse Osmosis remove any beneficial minerals?
Yes. It removes 95% of minerals, but humans receive 99% of minerals, not from water, but from food.

Can a Reverse Osmosis filter be attached to a copper line?
Yes, but it is preferred to run through poly tubing which does not leech any copper.

Is a C55 Water Conditioning License required to install equipment?
No. Any licensed plumber or do-it-yourselfer can install.

What size are the water line fittings?
1/2", 1", 1-1/2" and 1-3/4"

Is salt water runoff dangerous/corrosive to the sewer system?

Are water softeners using salt to flush banned in certain areas?
Only in Santa Clarita as of now. No other areas.

Where do I go to find support?
Each unit comes with an installation manual with specs.
Downloadable product info, specs and manuals can be found at www.scwaterconditioning.com/resourcecenter



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